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Track 1 - Information Structure and Presentation

The Information Structure and Presentation track represents a multitude of topics, which were traditionally represented at ACM Hypertext Conferences. The track program targets formal study of scholarly, structural, sculptural, spatial, open, dynamic and adaptive or any other type of hypertext (or Web-based Information System).

This track also focuses on how hypertext approaches and technologies can be applied to structure and present information in diverse domains, and how hypertext techniques can be exploited in classical and advanced applications.

The aim of this track is to bring researchers together to discuss models, architecture, applications, properties, or theory in general, about hypertext and hypermedia.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

Track Chairs

Peter BrusilovskyUniversity of Pittsburgh (USA)
Cristina GenaUniversity of Torino (Italy)

Track Program Committee

Kenneth M. AndersonUniversity of Colorado, Boulder (USA)
Liliana ArdissonoUniversity of Torino (Italy)
Lora AroyoVrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Helen AshmanUniversity of South Australia (Australia)
Mária BielikováSlovak Unievrsity of Technology (Slovak Republic)
Jamie BlusteinDalhousie University (Canada)
Paul De BraEindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Federica CenaUniversity of Torino (Italy)
Erik DuvalKatholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Franca GarzottoPolitecnico di Milano (Italy)
Anna GoyUniversity of Torino (Italy)
Simon HarperUniversity of Manchester (UK)
Geert-Jan HoubenDelft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Adam JatowtUniversity of Kyoto (Japan)
Akihiro KashiharaThe University of Electro-Communication, Tokyo (Japan)
David MillardUniversity of Southampton (UK)
David MillenIBM (USA)
Sigi ReichSalzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft (Austria)
Luis Francisco-RevillaUniversity of Texas (USA)
M.C. SchraefelUniversity of Southampton (UK)
Niels Olof BouvinUniversity of Aarhus (Denmark)
Bill N. SchilitGoogle (USA)
Daniel SchwabePontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Manolis TzagarakisComputer Technology Institute (Greece)
Massimo ZancanaroFBK-IRST (Italy)