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Conference Program

Monday June 29 Tuesday June 30 Wednesday July 1
8:30 - 9am
Opening and announcements (Gualino)
9 - 10:30am Set-up time for posters & demos (A foyer /B/C) Single track session:
1.1: Hypertext Structure and Usage (Gualino)
Single track session:
2.2: Social Search (Gualino)
10:30 - 10:45am


Coffee break (foyer Gualino)
10:45 - 11:45am Keynote: The Social Hyperlink by Lada Adamic (Gualino) Keynote: Relating Content by Web Usage by Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Gualino)
11:45am - noon Coffee break (Bar della Villa)
noon - 1:30pm


1-minute poster pitch session (Gualino),
posters & demos, including SRC posters (A foyer /B/C)

Parallel track sessions:

1:30 - 3pm Lunch break (Bar della Villa)
3 - 4:30pm


Parallel track sessions:

Parallel track sessions:

4:30 - 4:45pm Coffee break (Bar della Villa)
4:45 - 6:05pm


Parallel track sessions:

Parallel track sessions:

6:05 - 6:10pm Short break (Bar della Villa)
6:10 - 7pm Wine & cheese welcome reception, posters & demos (A foyer /B/C) Posters & demos, including SRC posters (A foyer /B/C)
Announcement of SRC winners and closing (Gualino)
8pm   Social dinner and announcements of Douglas Engelbart Best Paper Award and Ted Nelson Newcomer Award  

Description of meeting rooms Gualino, A, B, and Piemonte
Map of meeting rooms Gualino and Piemonte, and foyer Gualino (lower floor)
Map of meeting rooms A, B, C, foyer A, and Bar della Villa (intermediate floor)

Accepted papers and sessions1

Track 1: Information Structure and Presentation

Session 1.1: Hypertext Structure and Usage

Session 1.2: Spatial Information Organization

Session 1.3: Information Access

Session 1.4: Link Analysis

Session 1.5: Applications

Session 1.6: Content Analysis

Track 2: People, Resources, and Annotations

Session 2.1: Tracking and Exploiting User Behavior

Session 2.2: Social Search

Session 2.3: Networks Properties

Session 2.4: Recommendation and Clustering

Track 3: Hypertext and Community

Session 3.1: Weblogs

Session 3.2: Perspective and Point Of View

(1) Note: Long paper presentations are given 30 minutes including q&a; short paper presentations are given 20 minutes including q&a.