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Track 3 - Hypertext and Community

The Hypertext and Community track will explore, examine, and reflect upon social cyberculture in electronic media, ranging from literary fiction and creative scholarship to blog and microblog networks, social sites, games, auctions, and markets.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

Track Chairs

Mark BernsteinEastgate Systems, Inc. (UK)
Antonio PizzoUniversity of Torino (Italy)

Track Program Committee

Hugh DavisUniversity of Southampton (UK)
Steve ErsinghausTunxis Community College (USA)
Andrea ForteGeorgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Gabriella GiannachiUniversity of Exeter (UK)
George LandowBrown University (USA)
Stuart MoulthropUniversity of Baltimore (USA)
Susana Pajares ToscaIT University (Denmark)