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Track 2 - People, Resources, and Annotations

One of the most exciting recent developments in Web science is the rise of social annotation, by which users can easily markup other authors' resources via collaborative mechanisms such as tagging, filtering, voting, editing, classification, and rating. These social processes lead to the emergence of many types of links between texts, users, concepts, pages, articles, media, and so on. We welcome submissions on design, analysis, and modeling of information systems driven by social linking.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

Track Chairs

Andreas HothoUniversity of Kassel (Germany)
Vittorio LoretoSapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Senior Track Program Committee

Wendy HallUniversity of Southampton (UK)
Bernardo HubermanHP Labs (USA)
Peter MikaYahoo! Research Barcelona (Spain)
Jon KleinbergCornell University (USA)
Frank SmadjaToluna (France)
Steffen StaabUniversity of Koblenz-Landau (Germany)
Gerd StummeUniversity of Kassel (Germany)

Track Program Committee

Ruj AkavipatIndiana University (USA)
Harith AlaniUniversity of Southampton (UK)
Andrea BaldassarriSapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Alain BarratCNRS (France)
Dominik BenzUniversity of Kassel (Germany)
Stephan BloehdornUniversity of Karlsruhe
Johan BollenLANL (USA)
Shannon BradshawDrew University (USA)
Andrea CapocciSapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Riley CraneETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Debora DonatoYahoo! Research Barcelona (Spain)
Alessandro FlamminiIndiana University (USA)
Scott GolderCornell University (USA)
Paul HeymannStanford University (USA)
Bettina HoserUniversity of Karlsruhe (Germany)
Robert JäschkeUniversity of Kassel
Pranam KolariYahoo! (USA)
Beate KrauseUniversity of Kassel
Renaud LambiotteImperial College London (UK)
Jure LeskovecCarnegie Mellon University (USA)
Marc LightThe Thomson Corporation (USA)
Ana MaguitmanUniversidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)
Massimo MarchioriUniversity of Padova (Italy)
Ben MarkinesIndiana University (USA)
Mark MeissIndiana University (USA)
Evangelos MiliosDalhousie University (Canada)
Claudia MüllerUniversity of Stuttgart (Germany)
Jacob RatkiewiczIndiana University (USA)
Heather RoinestadIndiana University (USA)
Vito ServedioSapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Markus StrohmaierGraz University of Technology (Austria)
Martin SvenssonEricsson Research (Sweden)
Karin VerspoorLANL (USA)
Le-Shin WuIndiana University (USA)